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Computer games are a way of rest, a source of inspiration and an opportunity to become better. Stop being ashamed of your “non-serious” hobbies, use them for personal development and start to get real pleasure!

Extraction of resources, creation of materials and equipment, construction, trade – everything requires careful planning, calculations and distribution of responsibilities.

Go into the game without having a plan even for the next 20 minutes, it will be interesting only if you are in a large active community, where you will always find someone else’s occupation. If you want a little more independence, you almost certainly will have some mysterious records and tables in the organizer (and yes, you will have an organizer). And if you decide that you are ready for more and can lead the guild budget, you will definitely have something like this kind of reports (in Russian).

It is no coincidence that the multiplayer EVE Online game entered the top seven of the IQ recipe, which was voted by more than 1,500 users of the Quora service.

The game always gives you a choice. Depending on the situation in the online world, this choice can be significant only for you or for all players. Can you spend all the currency accumulated over six months of the game on a unique weapon? Is it worth starting to play a new class, having zeroed out almost all of your achievements in order to help your team? Which union will lead to the strengthening of your community, and which one today will make the usual political map crash into pieces?

After many months or even years, the decision to stop the game may be especially difficult, but you will have to accept it if there is no more place in your life for MMOs or you no longer find worthy game goals for yourself.

Of course, the gaming successes can not replace you the joy of real victories, but can make these victories sweeter. Perhaps one day something more interesting and meaningful will begin to happen in your life. Throw the game without regret and immerse yourself in a new experience! And now learn to respect your choice and use it for yourself for good.

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