Play online games for fun

Time is the only irreplaceable resource. In the game world, where other people depend on you, punctuality is just as important as in real life.

Your inability to be ready for a raid at a designated time often jeopardizes the plans of several dozen people, especially if your role in this raid is one of the key. Perhaps you will be waiting, swearing and losing precious minutes, while a more organized group takes away its prey, but one day you can simply be replaced.

It is a mistake to think that most of the players are schoolchildren who have not done their homework.

You are played by people who have found time in between work, family leisure and compulsory sleep to rest (or torn it from the designated categories). The last thing they want is to wait until you get together. Therefore, the rules are simple: prepare the necessary resources in advance, do not get distracted before an important meeting and “go out” 10 minutes earlier.

The success of any gaming community directly depends on its leader. If you decide to create a guild to meet your political ambitions, the game will require you to exert tremendous emotional stress.

Often the leaders of such guilds are adults, with an established worldview, strong-willed, able to prioritize and organize the team competently. Do you consider yourself so? Are you able to talk and do things on behalf of many people who depend on you? An online game can be a real challenge for you, reveal your shortcomings or make you believe in yourself.

To collect, organize and enthrall a large group of people, you must have a clear plan, how you see the community and its goals for many months to come. You need to make people in this plan believe in this plan, to which you do not pay the salary, which you are not required to do, with which you are familiar at best through voice communication; to unite players of different age, experience, social status, different intellectual level, which initially only connects one – the desire to have a good time in the game. And then the skill from the next point will prove to be very useful.

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