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The tremendous amount of love and whimsy that went into designing each of these games is clear to see. For example, I recently played the game Papa’s Scooperia, and I found it a truly delightful and engaging experience. Papa’s Scooperia is a game where you play as a customizable character employed at an ice cream parlor, where you take customer orders and build increasingly intricate dessert items for tips. Each customer judges your performance and awards you accordingly. Papa’s Scooperia, like many others that can be found on Papa’s Games, tests your dexterity, attention to detail, time management skills, and strategic abilities, which can be useful in honing your mind and talents. Papa’s Games stands out with its unique collection of games belonging to multiple genres, from action-packed platformers to addictive restaurant simulators. Papa’s Games is a must for those who appreciate a unique and eclectic gaming experience. The games are bursting with charming character designs and interesting mechanics that anyone will find engrossing.

Games have the capacity to be so much more than mere diversions, and it appears that the developers of these games recognize that fact. Unlike many mainstream video games, the games on Papa’s Games do not rely on violence, exploitation, or excessive competition to get players hooked. Instead, the games rely on their distinctive art style and fascinating character interactions to appeal to the player. The game Papa’s Scooperia and others can help teach the player organization and management skills, both of which can have real-world significance. Do not get me wrong, the games on this site are not boring, one-note simulations of the real world by any means. They have a fantastical assortment of games across a variety of genres with interesting narratives.

Papa’s Games provides a truly amazing selection of amazing, wonderful, and free games that can be played by anyone with an internet connection.

Planning the stable architecture of online games http://themcgregors.org/2018/08/02/planning-the-stable-architecture-of-online-games/ Thu, 02 Aug 2018 12:45:26 +0000 http://themcgregors.org/?p=32 I wanted to make it so that no matter what happens, you could sleep peacefully and not worry that the project suddenly becomes unavailable for any of the reasons, and then in a calm atmosphere slowly repair everything. In passing, I wanted to add the possibility of free horizontal scaling.

A classic recipe is to run multiple instances of the application on different servers and at the level above to direct the user to a working one. The synchronization point is a database, so it must have no less stability than the application itself.

Because databases and applications are run on different servers and there is a chance of random unavailability, it is necessary to achieve full correct data synchronization when restoring communications. For this, MongoDB has a special mechanism – at least 50% + 1 server is required to select a server as the main server. We also want to participate in this voting also servers with applications – due to the fact that initially there are only 2 servers for databases (50% + 1 from 2 are the same two, that is not enough for voting). An additional Arbiter runs on a backup server located outside the data center.

Total we have 2 database servers online, and 5 arbiters (the database server is also theirs).

Now, no matter what the database instance falls off, the other becomes the main one, and the fallen-down one goes into read-only until the connection is restored. After the restoration of the connection and complete synchronization, it again becomes the main one. If, for some reason, the second server and the backup server fall off, all databases go into read-only mode.

You also need monitoring (monitoring cluster health): that it is available, that the data is in place, that the backup is in order, and so on.

2) Application, Nodejs

Similar to the previous one – at least two different physical servers. All applications are equal, because The synchronization point is the data.

This can be achieved, because The applications themselves do not store any states, so even if one user joins different instances, this will not affect anything.

On each server there are at least 2 instances of the application that are monitored and balanced using pm2 & nginx.

At the top of this is performance monitoring.

How to find online flash games http://themcgregors.org/2018/07/04/34/ Wed, 04 Jul 2018 12:41:10 +0000 http://themcgregors.org/?p=34 It’s strange, but very few people know what an MMOG is. Usually they say – this is an online game like wow / la2, etc. Actually, not exactly. MMOG with English Massive Multiplayer Online Game, which means Multiplayer Online Game. We disassemble in order.

The server is the basis for the MMOG. To begin with, the server is a program that processes the client’s requests and somehow reacts to these requests (sends a response, performs actions with the database, etc.). The server can consist of several parts: one part controls physics in the game, another mob move, the third – generates events …

You also need to understand what language the server should be written in. If you game sends data for the rating and the server must process it, you should choose Php, Phyton or another web language, because reduce the time of writing the server, costs.

I distinguish two groups of servers:

the first is the server that must calculate something. I write such a server in C #.

the second is the server that responds to the client’s request (Request data, save data, etc.). This group of servers can be written to Php.

Both groups work with the database. It from the second group is easier to develop than from the first. Server from the first group requires more money than from the second, because you need to rent a car (virtual / dedicated server) to run the application. (Although in the future, the machine is still bought). A virtual is a virtual computer on which the operating system stands. A dedicated it is a separate computer with an OS. It seems clear explained 🙂

And then – do it. Not doing is worse than doing. Everywhere I see how they write “yes throw this thing, stupid idea, you’re noob”. Do not listen. It is important for you to get as much experience as possible. And he comes only in the process.

You definitely need to learn how to read books – just read. Of the books I received 90% of the knowledge. The rest is forums. Experience is not included here. Therefore if you do not like to read – love. I will continue to write articles for beginners, so that it is easier for them to learn the processes of creating an MMOG (you already know what it is).

Play online games for fun http://themcgregors.org/2018/06/12/35/ Tue, 12 Jun 2018 12:41:10 +0000 http://themcgregors.org/?p=35 Time is the only irreplaceable resource. In the game world, where other people depend on you, punctuality is just as important as in real life.

Your inability to be ready for a raid at a designated time often jeopardizes the plans of several dozen people, especially if your role in this raid is one of the key. Perhaps you will be waiting, swearing and losing precious minutes, while a more organized group takes away its prey, but one day you can simply be replaced.

It is a mistake to think that most of the players are schoolchildren who have not done their homework.

You are played by people who have found time in between work, family leisure and compulsory sleep to rest (or torn it from the designated categories). The last thing they want is to wait until you get together. Therefore, the rules are simple: prepare the necessary resources in advance, do not get distracted before an important meeting and “go out” 10 minutes earlier.

The success of any gaming community directly depends on its leader. If you decide to create a guild to meet your political ambitions, the game will require you to exert tremendous emotional stress.

Often the leaders of such guilds are adults, with an established worldview, strong-willed, able to prioritize and organize the team competently. Do you consider yourself so? Are you able to talk and do things on behalf of many people who depend on you? An online game can be a real challenge for you, reveal your shortcomings or make you believe in yourself.

To collect, organize and enthrall a large group of people, you must have a clear plan, how you see the community and its goals for many months to come. You need to make people in this plan believe in this plan, to which you do not pay the salary, which you are not required to do, with which you are familiar at best through voice communication; to unite players of different age, experience, social status, different intellectual level, which initially only connects one – the desire to have a good time in the game. And then the skill from the next point will prove to be very useful.

Flash games overview http://themcgregors.org/2018/05/13/36/ Sun, 13 May 2018 12:41:11 +0000 http://themcgregors.org/?p=36 Computer games are a way of rest, a source of inspiration and an opportunity to become better. Stop being ashamed of your “non-serious” hobbies, use them for personal development and start to get real pleasure!

Extraction of resources, creation of materials and equipment, construction, trade – everything requires careful planning, calculations and distribution of responsibilities.

Go into the game without having a plan even for the next 20 minutes, it will be interesting only if you are in a large active community, where you will always find someone else’s occupation. If you want a little more independence, you almost certainly will have some mysterious records and tables in the organizer (and yes, you will have an organizer). And if you decide that you are ready for more and can lead the guild budget, you will definitely have something like this kind of reports (in Russian).

It is no coincidence that the multiplayer EVE Online game entered the top seven of the IQ recipe, which was voted by more than 1,500 users of the Quora service.

The game always gives you a choice. Depending on the situation in the online world, this choice can be significant only for you or for all players. Can you spend all the currency accumulated over six months of the game on a unique weapon? Is it worth starting to play a new class, having zeroed out almost all of your achievements in order to help your team? Which union will lead to the strengthening of your community, and which one today will make the usual political map crash into pieces?

After many months or even years, the decision to stop the game may be especially difficult, but you will have to accept it if there is no more place in your life for MMOs or you no longer find worthy game goals for yourself.

Of course, the gaming successes can not replace you the joy of real victories, but can make these victories sweeter. Perhaps one day something more interesting and meaningful will begin to happen in your life. Throw the game without regret and immerse yourself in a new experience! And now learn to respect your choice and use it for yourself for good.

Best flash games online http://themcgregors.org/2018/04/04/37/ Wed, 04 Apr 2018 12:41:12 +0000 http://themcgregors.org/?p=37 Long time ago my friends and I played Starcraft on a dial-up modem. I often lost until I read the phrase on one of the BBS, which changed everything. The principle is very simple: in real-time strategy wins the one who constantly attacks. It was necessary to learn how to think in terms of the constant creation of threats.

Why am I doing this? There is such a guy – David Searlin. Cybersportsman, champion in Street Fighter, game designer, desktop driver, e-sports coach. He has a whole theory on how to train and play to win. Universal, applicable to all games. Below are the main theses of the first part and my comments. Read about the main things from the book will be interesting from the point of view of GameDev (in particular – balancing), and just in life.

Why play to win?

David answers this question very simply. Victory is the only measurable result of the game. Like running – you can run for pleasure, you can run for training, you can run from someone. But only the result shows whether it is good or bad. If the distance time is shortened, you win every day. If you won a hundred mark, you achieved the result. If you run away from the evil Vasya – it’s a one hundred percent victory. So, the rivalry games are good with instant feedback. Your position in comparison with other players – this is the feedback.

David believes that everything that does not bring you closer to victory is counterproductive. At us in desktop games it, perhaps, one of the most important moments. The fact is that, sitting at the table, the company simply can not enter the game as independent players. Be sure to be Anya, who sleeps with Boris (and they will most likely play as allies). There will be Zinovy, whom no one in the company knows, and therefore he is all wetted.

We have a simple rule: “Who brings the relationship from life to the game – a fool. Who carries the relationship from game to life is a double fool. ” That is, inside the game only measurable victory indicators are evaluated. But, naturally, this approach is not so very real in ordinary “kitchen” companies.